Hosted Virtual Desktops (VDI)

Hosted Virtual Desktops or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a Windows 7 machine delivered from the Cloud. With LiIT VDIs you are free to install and use as you normally would your own Windows 7 desktop. It gives you the freedom to add performance and resources without having to upgrade any hardware.

How do they work?

We are all familiar with desktop or laptop PCs - you probably use one every day. It’s the machine you use to carry out your work which connects you to the network and server. A Cloud desktop has exactly the same functionality, but it’s hosted on the internet – ‘in the Cloud’.

VDIs allow you to have unlimited access to a virtual Windows 7 machine, which run on our powerful servers 24/7. You can quickly connect from multiple devices and locations to your fully functional Windows desktop. The technology we use enables you to print and use USB devices attached to your local machine. All of your data is stored securely at our data centres and the connection is fully encrypted, ensuring your data is never compromised.

There are multiple options available allowing you to share data seamlessly with other members of the organisation, such as shared storage and application servers.

Built-in disaster recovery and compliance

Without VDI, if your laptop were stolen, all of your local data, programs, settings, favourites, etc., would be lost with it. You may have a back-up, but the important data would be compromised and could easily fall into the wrong hands.

With a VDI, the device you use to access won’t hold any of that important data, or have your programs installed, making it a secure and simple solution in the event of a theftor disaster.