LiIT Cloud work exclusively with partners to deliver cutting edge Cloud-based technology. Our partners get the full support and backing in order to aid in the delivery of the latest in Cloud-based solutions. Partners can benefit from gaining new revenue streams while adding to their current portfolio of products, thus giving them an advantage in the current competitive market.

Partner benefits

Our partners are guided and assisted in all of our products, making sales and obtaining long term revenue very simple.

LiIT Cloud do not sell directly to end users, our main focus is empowering our partners, ensuring there are never any conflicts.

We have a white label option, giving our partners the high level infrastructure and services, using their own company branding.

Our engineers are on-hand to assist with migrations and day-to-day running of our Cloud services, offering a wealth of advice and knowledge, to enable seamless delivery of products.

Our simple pricing structure encourages partners’ growth, with No capital expenditure or expensive setup costs and straightforward deployment and management of our services, resulting in healthy margins and happy customers.

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