Private Cloud

LiIT Cloud work with partners to deliver a state-of-the-art, fully redundant Cloud-based IT system. We are experts in the leading technology used with Cloud Computing.

A private Cloud, also called an ‘internal cloud’ or ‘corporate cloud’, resides within the company environment (firewall) and its access is restricted, usually to company employees or business partners.

The Gartner Institute has defined five key attributes for private Clouds:

  • Offering resources (infrastructure and applications) as services
  • Flexibility and scale that meet client demands
  • Resource sharing among a large number of users
  • Measurement and payment according to use of the service
  • Use of Internet protocols and technologies to access cloud resources

Benefits of private Clouds

The reasons for using a private cloud are cost reduction, enhancing service quality, and, more importantly, reducing the time it takes to deliver what users demand.

Cost savings are driven by standardisation or automation of services or IT computer resources. Standardisation and automation reduce operational costs and free up IT personnel to focus more on servicing customers than on activities with little or no added value, such as allocating disk space or configuring software.

It is absolutely crucial for the quality of Cloud services delivered by IT to be superior to the current model.

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